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About Dr. Margery Runyan, Psychotherapy

I am Margery Runyan, an identical twin. My friends call me Mercy. I am a licensed clinical social worker in Florida, New Mexico, and Colorado, specializing in treating persons who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety and loss or grief. I am also certified to treat addiction including alcohol, drug abuse, gambling and overeating. For 25 years, I worked for the state of New Jersey practicing all Social Work methods. I spend most of the year on Pine Island located on the Gulf Coast of FL and migrate to the Rockies in Durango, CO during the warmer months. I love my dog Sasha and reading mysteries.

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Recent reviews from our clients


She is also extremely knowledgeable and versatile in her practice and it shows in her 'inventory bag' of tools that she creatively utilizes.

Heartfully Focused

In my opinion, a therapist is there to help support you and help you get across the water and off the boat to the other side. Dr. Runyan excels at this because she is heartfully focused and attentively present. Through deep empathy (I have really felt heard by her) and through an impeccably astute mind and mental focus, she helps you clarify and get to the bottom of issues so you can truly move through them.

Empathetic Therapist

Since having moved here, we have recently found a deeply insightful and astute therapist in Dr. Runyan. Since beginning to work with our family, the positive impact has been incredibly helpful, enlightening and change activating. Dr. Runyan (aka Dr Mercy) is the most deeply compassionate and empathetic therapist I have ever had the honor to work with. She has helped me feel very validated and supported. That matters so much when you are dealing with/releasing deep trauma especially. The environment and her approach is both safe and nurturing with an effective amount of fuel/inspiration to move forward. (This balance is not easy to find in my experience!)

Gifted Therapist

Another wonderful trait of a gifted therapist is an ability to read her/his clients and also to instinctively know how to navigate- when to push and when to back off until the client is ready. She has this skill and she knows and respects WHERE YOU ARE. She is very skillful at meeting you there...in your world.


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