Down Hole Drilling

Extra Petroleum can provide the best companies specializing in down-hole drilling equipment. The companies provide complete bottom-hole assemblies for virtually all drilling applications.

One of our partner company has proven its dependability in supplying for down-hole drilling tools worldwide. Through close relationships with our customers, our partner company is constantly improving existing products and developing new ones to meet the demands of the drilling industry.

The company can maintains a full line of downhole drilling tools which can be purchased or rented on a basis tailor made to suit our customers. the company maintain a complete inventory of spare parts for servicing and repairing all of our drilling tools. In addition we also offer Environmental and Safety products.

This is also another company that provide best technology in down hole drilling. This company coatings for down-hole operations give added strength and durability to rotary drill systems, percussion equipment, hydraulic drill bars and rig mechanism surfaces. The coatings prevent deterioration resulting from soil, moisture and other corrosion-causing factors. This company processes include long-life electroless nickel, high-efficiency hard chrome and PFOS-free mist suppressors, all of which satisfy exacting oil and gas industry standards. Each of our technologies further optimizes quality through increased durability and corrosion resistance.

Extra Petroleum focus on the quality control, along with strict material specifications and handling assure us of being able to provide our customers with high quality performance drilling tools.

Health, Safety and environmental issues play a large role at Extra Petroleum. We strive to employ talented individuals who bring with them innovation, creative solutions and responsibility to the task at hand.

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