Oil Production

According to the Oil & Gas Journal, Yemen had proven crude oil reserves of 3 billion barrels as of January 1, 2012. Yemen's oil reserves and production are located in five main geographical areas: Jannah and Iyad in central Yemen, Marib and Jawf in the north, and Shabwa and Masila in the south. All production comes from two sedimentary basins, Marib-Shabwa and Sayun-Masila, out of a total of 12 basins believed to hold reserves. Yemen's oil reserves are generally light and sweet (low in sulfur content) at API gravities ranging from 28 degrees to 48 degrees, with the highest quality crude coming from the Marib-Jawf fields.

Production is the operation that brings hydrocarbons to the surface and prepares them for processing. Production begins after the well is drilled. The mixture of oil, gas and water from the well is separated on the surface. The water is disposed of and the oil and gas are treated, measured, and tested. Production operations include bringing the oil and gas to the surface, maintaining production, and purifying, measuring, and testing.

The oil and gas industry is composed of a number of different companies and organizations that contribute to supplying refined products and natural gas. The industry is composed of fully-integrated oil and gas companies, independent oil and gas producers, refiners and marketers, pipeline operators, service companies, trade associations and government agencies. Operating companies are those organizations that perform core functions along the value chain such as exploration and refining.

These companies are engaged in all aspects of the oil and gas industry from exploration to marketing. The average consumer is well-acquainted with these companies by virtue of their branded gasoline stations. The fully-integrated companies or majors explore for and produce oil and gas around the world, own pipelines and tankers to transport this oil and gas, have refineries to process the crude oil into refined products, and sell these products through a global network of wholesale and retail outlets.

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