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Our goal is to bring together the whole business community under one umbrella to make their corporate plane the most profitable.More...
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    Company Profile

    Extra Petroleum a company established in 2012 with the most experiences chairmen as owner. Extra Petroleum is located in Sana'a capital of the republic of Yemen.

    Extra Petroleum has a vision not only to make relations but also to develop those by becoming a path among the Exploration, drilling, production, facilitation companies in Oil and Gas as communities of the world to develop their business and invest in the republic of Yemen.

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    The beginning of the search and exploration for oil in Yemen goes back to the 1930s. In particular it was in 1938 when Iraq Petrol Company carried out seismic in some Yemeni areas. Then interval seismic operations were carried out by foreign companies in the 1950s and 60s. This continued in the 70s and the outset of the 1980s.

    In the summer of 1984, Hunt Oil Company announced the first commercial discovery of oil in Yemen (Alif Field). Following that, development of the block was done through building surface plants and constructing a pipeline to the Red Sea.

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    The oil sector would always remain the basic source of income and revenues for the Yemeni economy because it generates numerous investment opportunities. Yemen being a virgin land, all of its diverse and various potential wealth is a sign of a very promising future.

    Actually, wide oil explorations took place over the last period of time in Yemen as a result of flow of many international oil companies (IOCs) to operate in the Yemeni oil industry. Despite the big flow of IOCS, oil operations are only conducted on a very small part of Yemen's concession areas.

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Yemen Contact

Hadda Street, Sana'a, Yemen

P.O. Box 7067

Office: 00-967-1-427487
Fax: 00-967-1-410280
Mobile: 00-967-737799991

Canada Contact

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Office: 1-613-796-3860
Fax: 1-613-695-3865
Mobile: 1-613-608-4566

Mailing Address

Extra Petroleum

2700 Saratoga Place
Suite # 715
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1T 1W4

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